About Our Members

An REIT Real Estate agent:

  • Is professional, ethical and has a responsible approach to business.
  • Is bound by rules of practice and code of conduct.
  • Is able to provide you with information on home buying and investment.
  • Is fully informed on legislation and other Governmental requirements.
  • Is able to make accurate and authoritative appraisals by being fully informed of your local market.

When buying, selling, renting, or leasing property or buying a business:

Is your agent bound by a Code of Practice and strict industry by-laws?

Members of the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania (REIT) are required to abide by a high standard of professional practice, over and above the requirements of legislation governing Tasmanian real estate agents.

Is your agent required to have professional indemnity insurance?

As a further element of protection, REIT members are required to take out professional indemnity insurance. You have the important safeguard of being represented by an estate agent with professional indemnity insurance cover.

Does your agent have access to REIT member forms?

The REIT provides forms which are reviewed regularly to ensure compliance with legislative requirements. Is your agent committed to extending their education and skills training? With over 150 courses and workshops offered annually, covering the different areas of real estate practice, REIT members have access to an extensive range of professional development opportunities to enhance their skills and customer service.

Is your agent fully informed about the local property market, with access to a comprehensive property database?

REIT members have access to the Monthly Property Facts and Quarterly Property Market Reports, the most timely sales and leasing information available for the Tasmanian residential, industrial and rural property market.

Is your agent experienced at conducting market appraisals?

REIT members’ experience and knowledge of their local lmarket, combined with their exclusive access to research, enables them to make an accurate and authoritative appraisal of your property.

Is your agent informed about relevant legislation?

REIT members’ are kept abreast of changes to legislation that impacts on the industry and which may affect investment decisions of their clients. The REIT maintains a close working relationship with key government departments, regulatory bodies and other related professional organisations.

Does your agent provide useful and relevant information on the internet?

The REIT has an internet site at www.reit.com.au which includes a directory of REIT agents in any location, with details of expertise relevant to your needs. The majority of REIT members also have their own dedicated websites providing information on their products and services.