Media Releases

Media Release Date Information
Regional media releases - September 2023 Quarter Report 08/11/2023 September Quarter 2023 Report
2023 REIT Awards for Excellence 21/10/2023 Awards for Excellence
Regional media releases - June 2023 Quarter Report 08/08/2023 June Quarter 2023 Report

Investors vacate market - Sales numbers tumble.

09/05/2023 March Quarter 2023 Report
Tassie Real Estate Reset 07/02/2023 December Quarter 2022 Report
Interest Rate increases reposition local real estate market 04/11/2022 September Quarter 2022 Report
Market transitioning to meet interest rate increases 08/08/2022 June Quarter 2022 Report
Has the Tasmanian Real Estate Market Peaked? 10/05/2022 March Quarter 2022 Report
Bricks and Mortar Boom 31/01/2022 December Quarter 2021 Report
September Quarter Rewrites Benchmarks 28/10/2021 September Quarter 2021 Report
Real Estate Frenzy Surges Market to New Heights 28/07/2021 June Quarter 2021 Report
Robust Real Estate Market Continues to Climb 27/04/2021 March Quarter 2021 Report
Powerhouse market continues to defy the odds 28/01/2021 December Quarter 2020 Report
Real Estate Revival 20/10/2020 September Quarter 2020 Report
Number of sales down while sale prices remain steady along with vacancy rates 21/07/2020 June Quarter 2020 Report
Tassie Real Estate shrugs off COVID-19 24/04/2020 May 2020 Report
Tasmania's Two Speed Market 24/04/2020 April 2020 Report
Bracing for impact 24/04/2020 March Quarter 2020 Report
Supply versus demand continues to be a concern 04/02/2020 December Quarter 2019 Report
REIT September 2019 Quarterly Report 11/11/2019 September Quarter 2019 Report
Investors flee softening market 30/07/2019 June Quarter 2019 Report
The “Bang” is disappearing from Tasmania’s property boom! 01/05/2019 March Quarter 2019 Report
No Looking Back – Tassie Real Estate Pushes On 04/01/2019 December Quarter 2018 Report
Tassie Real Estate Slows 26/10/2018 September Quarter 2018 Report
Real Estate Market sets new benchmarks 02/08/2018 June Quarter 2018 Report
Market Continues to Surge 01/05/2018 March Quarter 2018 Report
2017 – A year of Strong Uncompromising Growth 01/02/2018 December Quarter 2017 Report
From strength to strength 26/04/2017 September Quarter 2017 Report
Tasmanian real estate market surges to new highs 26/04/2017 June Quarter 2017 Report
Local market rockets to 13 year high 26/04/2017 March Quarter 2017 Report
Real Estate Ends 2016 on a High 15/02/2017 December Quarter 2016 Report
REIT September Quarter Media Release 09/11/2016 September Quarter 2016 Report
REIT June Quarter Media Release 03/08/2016 June Quarter 2016 Report
REIT March Quarter Media Release 05/05/2016 March Quarter 2016 Report
REIT December Quarter Media Release 10/02/2016 December Quarter 2015 Report
2015 Annual Awards for Excellence 10/10/2015 Awards for Excellence Winners
REIT September Quarter Media Release 05/11/2015 September Quarter 2015 Report
REIT June Quarter Media Release 03/08/2015 June Quarter 2015 Report
Tasmania records highest number of house sales in five years 05/05/2015 March Quarter 2015 Report
Tasmanian median house price reaches positive heights 03/02/2015 December Quarter 2014 Report
House sales steady following four year high 03/11/2014 September Quarter 2014 Report
2014/15 Real Estate Institute of Tasmania President elected 15/09/2014 General
Strongest house sales quarter in Tasmania in four years 04/08/2014 June Quarter 2014 Report
Tasmania’s property sales level out, median prices rise but first home buyers to continue to drop 06/05/2014 March Quarter 2014 Report
2013 closes on a positive note for the State’s real estate sector 03/02/2014 December Quarter 2013 Report
September quarter sales show steady course for Tasmania 04/11/2013 September Quarter 2013 Report
Hobart property sales reach three year high 29/04/2013 June Quarter 2013 Report
Flat market report reinforces need for reduced red tape 05/08/2013 March Quarter 2013 Report
Bass Straight – The National Highway 18/02/2013 General
2012 closes on a high for Tasmania’s property industry 04/02/2013 December Quarter 2012 Report
Real Estate Institute of Tasmania members donate to fire appeals 18/01/2013 General
State Government misses the mark with the First Home Buyers/Builders grant 17/01/2013 General
Tasmanian Real Estate agents leading the nation 15/01/2013 General
2012 set to close on a positive note for Tasmania’s property industry 05/11/2012 September Quarter 2012 Report
Tasmania remains affordable 01/08/2012 June Quarter 2012 Report
But what about the rental market? 20/05/2012 REIT April 2012 Report
2012 Tasmanian real estate industry sails steady course 01/05/2012 March Quarter 2012 Report
2011 ends on a positive note for Tasmania 02/02/2012 December Quarter 2011 Report
September quarter steady as she goes 28/11/2011 September Quarter 2011 Report
Tasmania house sales continue to decline 10/08/2011 June Quarter 2011 Report
Volume of house sales at lowest point in two decades 04/05/2011 March Quarter 2011 Report
January sales figures still down 23/02/2011 REIT January 2011 Report
December quarter enters peak summer season 01/02/2011 December Quarter 2010 Report
House sales in Tasmania show first signs of a turn around 30/11/2010 REIT October 2010 Report
Dramatic drop in number of homes during September quarter 01/11/2010 September Quarter 2010 Report
North and North-West lead house sales in Tasmania 30/08/2010 REIT July 2010 Report
June Quarter Property Report shows decrease in sales 02/08/2010 June Quarter 2010 Report